Careers with Monmouth Cares, Inc.

Our Care Managers work intensively with families for one to two years. The Care Manager helps each family create a Child and Family Team. The Team helps the family develop options that will support them while the family works on solutions to their challenges. Teams help families to help themselves and to go forward with little or no public agency involvement.

Successful Care Managers are able to work intensively with the children and families they serve. They are emotionally mature and able to handle stressful situations. Successful Care Managers are well-organized and have a strong work ethic. They are creative, flexible and caring.

Salary and Benefits

Care Manager salaries are competitive for mental health workers in our area. MonmouthCares Care Managers receive excellent benefits including health and prescription care with a low co-pay, life insurance and optional dental coverage.

Care Managers receive 12 paid holidays per year, accrue three weeks vacation, three personal leave days and accrue 12 days of sick leave each year. MonmouthCares offers agency cars and a positive, supportive workplace.


Individuals with undergraduate Degrees in Social Work, Counseling, Education or Psychology that also have several years of experience working with children or adults with mental health problems.


Individuals with graduate Degrees in Social Work, Counseling, Psychology or Education with or without experience.

Employment Inquiries

To be considered for a position with MonmouthCares, you may send your resume to MonmouthCares, Inc., Personnel,185 State Route 36, Building B-1, West Long Branch, NJ 07764