Child and Family Teams

Your Child and Family Team

  • YOU BUILD your team with the help of your Care Manager.

  • YOUR participation and input drive the team’s decisions.

  • YOU CAN CHOOSE friends, neighbors and/or family to be on the team.

  • YOUR team meets on a regular basis.

  • YOUR vision helps guide TEAM planning to achieve your goals.

  • YOUR team develops a written plan, called the Individual Service Plan (ISP).

Your Individual Service Plan (ISP)

YOUR Child and Family Team will create your Individual Service Plan (ISP). This plan is the road map that guides you and your family’s care while enrolled with MonmouthCares.

You and your team will meet regularly to identify Needs, Strengths, Abilities, Strategies, and Services that will meet your needs and help accomplish your Vision.

Every meeting will have an agenda that starts with your Vision and accomplishments.

You and your team will assess if your plan is working. Did the action steps (Strategies) in the plan help you and your family make progress?

You and your team will make adjustments, by changing the action steps (Strategies) ending some actions or adding new ones. (Lots of brainstorming)

You and your team members will take responsibility for specific actions to occur until your next meeting.

You and your family will receive a copy of your Individual Service Plan. You can identify team members to receive a copy of your plan based on your choice.

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