MonmouthCares engages the services of many different providers in our community on behalf of our children and families.

Whenever possible, we help families arrange for the services their child needs by using their natural financial resources. If more intensive or specialized service is needed to meet the child’s needs than their resources allow, we may arrange services through the NJ Children’s System of Care. Some of these services are paid by Medicaid and others receive funding through other sources. These services are short-term, usually no longer than 90 days. We work intensively through our Child and Family Teams to help the families move toward obtaining sustainable services that can continue beyond our involvement.

Providers that MonmouthCares authorizes for Medicaid payment or who are paid directly through other means are required to have a signed agreement with the Monmouth Local System of Care in order to be paid or authorized. That agreement is known as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

Providers that are paid through other means (insurance, self-pay, sliding scale) that are working with a MonmouthCares family are asked to sign either the MOU or an Affiliation Agreement.

The Affiliation Agreement indicates the provider’s agreement with the Wraparound philosophy which is the basis of our work with families. It is important to the success of our families that all providers be part of the Child and Family Team and participate fully in the Team process. 

The Monmouth Local System of Care is always interested in expanding our pool of qualified Intensive In-Home Behavioral/Applied Behavioral Analysis providers, and if your agency has multilingual individuals that provide Intensive In-Community, Behavioral Assistance, Mentoring, or Intensive In-Home services we would be interested in knowing who you are!

If you wish to speak to someone regarding an MOU, please reach out to Chad Majczan, Manager of the Community Relations and Resource Development (732-222-8008 x 159,