LGBTQ+ Teen Support Group

MonmouthCares is excited to announce our new collaboration with PFLAG Jersey Shore to bring new support services to LGBTQ+ teens in Monmouth County!

Our new Your Authentic Self (YAS), Teen – Monmouth is a social group for LGBTQ+ teens. Built on the framework of Ocean Partnership for Children’s YAS, Teen meeting in Ocean County, our group has been meeting since Monday, February 15, 2021.

When: 3rd Monday of every month
Where: Location sent via PFLAG notifications once signed up
Who: LGBTQ+ teens ages 13 to 18
How: Pre-register below or show up with a caregiver who can give informed consent

Individuals attending for the first time will need to complete an Informed Consent which can be found below. By fully completing the form and hitting submit, you will be acknowledging terms on the Informed Consent. Access to the meeting information will be sent out through texts on the day of the meeting and you must sign up to receive the notification by registering with PFLAG below.

MonmouthCares & PFLAG Jersey Shore are proud of our partnership and hope these services will bring together and build a community of love and acceptance and promote the well-being of LGBTQ+ teens!

Please click HERE to sign up to receive emails/texts from PFLAG Jersey Shore which will include meeting notifications.
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Your Authentic Self - Informed Consent

This signed consent form demonstrates your agreement to participate in the YAS Support Group. We are an open support group. We ask that members of the group maintain the confidentiality of other members, however, recognize that we cannot guarantee this, and it is contingent upon each member’s respect and understanding of one another’s need for safety and privacy.


  • If we come to believe that you are threatening serious harm to another person, we are required to try to protect that person. We may have to tell the person and the police, or perhaps refer you to be psychiatrically screened.
  • If you seriously threaten or act in a way that is very likely to harm yourself, we may refer you for psychiatric screening, or to call on your family members or others who can help protect you. If such a situation does come up, we will fully discuss the situation with you before we do anything, unless there is a very strong reason not to.
  • In an emergency where your life or health is in danger, and we cannot get your consent, we may give another professional some information to protect your life. We will try to get your permission first, and we will discuss this with you as soon as possible afterwards.
  • If we believe or suspect that you (or another minor or elderly person) are being abused. We must report this to the NJ Abuse to further investigate. Other Limits to Confidentiality: A safe environment is created and maintained by the group facilitator and its members. We ask that you do not discuss the group, its members or what is said in the group with others. We realize you may want to talk about the work you are doing or other significant ways the group has impacted your life. This is fine, but please remember to not compromise the confidentiality of other group members in the process.


  1. Respect other members of the group
  2. Respect yourself
  3. Respect the process: Arrive on time and stay the full time. Make a commitment to attend each week.
  4. Maintain confidentiality of one another.

The signatures here show that we each have read, discussed, understand, and agree to abide by the points presented above. I, agree to attend the group. After reading this form, I understand that I am free to discuss any concerns or questions with a group leader. The purpose of the group is to provide support.

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