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If you live in Monmouth County and your child is struggling with one of the following issues, we can give you help:

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Social, emotional, and behavior needs
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Intellectual & development needs
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Challenges with substance abuse
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What Happens When a Call is Made?

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1. A clinical professional will come to you

When a caregiver refers their child to the System of Care, a clinical professional goes to the child’s home and meets with the child and the family to complete an assessment. Children’s Mobile Response and Stabilization services are designed to help stabilize a child’s placement in their living arrangements.

2. Assess your needs

The assessment determines which level of care the child and family can receive. The least intensive level of care provides access to specialized services that are managed by the Contracted System Administrator in consultation with the parent and the clinical provider. Services are intended to be short-term and help families move forward through a difficult period.

Moderate and intense care is provided through the Care Management Organization (CMO) in each county. Care Managers help families create Child and Family Teams that are led by the parent and the child with the help and guidance of the Care Manager.

3. The Child and Family Team provide help

The Child and Family Team helps the child and the family create strategies to resolve the challenges they face. Strategies and supports to be used are determined in the Child and Family Team meetings, which occur regularly. The Care Manager helps facilitate the Child and Family Team process until the team is able to move forward and handle the challenges they face without guidance from the Care Manager. The Care Management Organization works on a need-based timeline.

FAQs About PerformCare

PerformCare New Jersey is the Contracted System Administrator (CSA) for the State of New Jersey’s Department of Children and Families, Children’s System of Care (CSOC). PerformCare is the single point of access to a wide array of behavioral health, intellectual and developmental disability services as well as substance use treatment for youth and families throughout New Jersey.

There is no charge for calling PerformCare. The services we recommend are authorized without regard to income, private health insurance, or eligibility for Medicaid/NJ FamilyCare or other health benefits programs. When your child is registered for services at PerformCare, you will be asked to provide details about your insurance coverage.

 PerformCare also provides 24-hour assistance to help families address escalating situations through the Children’s Mobile Response and Stabilization Services (MRSS). MRSS provides face-to-face services at the site of the crisis, whether this is the child’s home, group home, or other living arrangement.

A Family Support Organization is available to all families without a referral. It offers parent-to-parent support and is run and staffed by family members who have had children with emotional or behavioral challenges.

Youth who are eligible for services through PerformCare are under 21 years of age, reside in the State of New Jersey and have an emotional or serious mental health or behavioral need. .

Check out our full resources on our about us page

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Family Support Organization (FSO)

A family support system to empower you for a better future

Monmouth County’s Family Support Organization (FSO) is Family Based Services of New Jersey (FBSANJ). Their staff is comprised of caregivers of children with challenges related to mental health, behavioral health, substance use, and intellectual or developmental disabilities. Their organization is unique because they are PARENTS supporting PARENTS. They provide support, education, and advocacy to families in Monmouth County and have sister organizations in each county throughout New Jersey.

Family support is available regardless of family income or insurance eligibility and is part of the New Jersey Children’s System of Care.

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They support parents and caregivers. Their culturally competent family support partners have “walked the walk” of our families and are thus uniquely positioned to help the family understand and find hope in spite of their difficult situation. They help families identify goals and benchmarks that will lead to a better, more fulfilling life for their children and the entire family. They can assist families at critical times such as making referrals to PerformCare to enter the Children’s System of Care, crisis units at hospitals, and at school-based meetings.

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They educate parents and caregivers regarding their rights and responsibilities as parents. Their staff mentor parents on the specific challenges their children and family are experiencing and help them learn about options available in their local communities.

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They advocate on behalf and for parents and caregivers. Their staff and family/clients practice the advocacy skills that empower a family to discern the services they need to ensure healing and success. On a more global level, they encourage and provide opportunities to interested families to speak publicly about their journeys and contact various levels of elected officials and government agencies to advocate for their families and community.

Click the link to see MonmouthCares’ most recent available report on youth enrolled with us and related data that we track for our outcomes.

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